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Trans-continental M&A

AMWORLD Trans-Continental M&A covers all aspects involved in typical M&A Transaction – Strategic Management , Corporate Finance, Human Resource Capital,...

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Management Buyouts

Being an entrepreneur is not for the faint hearted. Among a group of 10 young managers or professionals, statistics show...

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Corporate Advisory

AMWORLD facilitates various kinds of Strategic Partnerships and Mergers. From the perspective of business structures, there is a whole host...

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Fund-Raising Activities

AMWORLD specializes in both Corporate & Project finance in order to achieve the financial objectives of the company.Generally, our processes...

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Startup Support

Startups are changing the face of the world and we’re changing the way startups raise capital, they need constant growth...

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Venture Capital and Project Finance

Venture Capital Venture capital is monetary support provided by professionals who invest alongside management companies that have the potential to...

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Why Choose AMWORLD

Over 6 years of Trans-continental M&A experience along-with sell side & buy side venture facilitation specializing in Industry research and emerging market establishment.

Our initial offering  includes practice of M&A within the canvas of SME and service providers across APAC. Later majored into bringing both strategic investors and VC’s assistance  in European and North American businesses.

  • No voids are permanent gaps– AMWORLD specializes in Management consultancy, Growth Consultancy for  buy side and sell side advisory across APAC , MENA , North America and Europe. The primary client base includes major corporations, financial institutions and Investors.
  • Never was a distance is too far– We provide customized solutions to various segments in the value chain through specific market and industry study, creating invokable value propositions at different stages of business cycle starting from scouting suitable partners, facilitating the complete transaction from seed to fruit stage coupled with technical advisory to facilitate ongoing growth cycles. We believe no two businesses are the same and needs special attention to come out of organic approach, we promote to make a visionary become Global

Why In-organic Approach

We’re at the dawn of a golden age of rapid business innovation. However, today’s ever-shortening innovation cycle can make traditional partnership structures like mergers and acquisitions (M&A) or joint ventures (JVs) too slow, costly, and cumbersome to innovate at the speed necessary to keep up with the market.Mergers and acquisitions require one company to have enough resources to buy another, which entails diligent, time-consuming negotiation and documentation. Joint ventures, although less complex, also require a high degree of rigor around...

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