Fund-Raising Activities

AMWORLD specializes in both Corporate & Project finance in order to achieve the financial objectives of the company.Generally, our processes include three stages.

Stage-1 Planning the finance

  • Complete Business Due Diligence.
  • Perform Comprehensive Valuation.
  • Perform Review of Financing Alternatives.
  • Review Objectives, Expectations and Timing.
  • Develop Marketing Strategy.
  • Prepare Marketing Materials.
  • Select and Prioritize Prospective Investors and Financiers.

Stage-2 Raising the finance -Execution Phase

  • Market the Company to Prospective Investors
  • Field Calls and Questions from Prospective Investors
  • Evaluate Interest from Prospective Investors
  • Coordinate On-Site Meetings with Prospective Investors
  • Facilitate Initial Due Diligence

Stage -3 Exclusivity Phase

  • Assist in Evaluation of Term Sheets and Financing Proposals
  • Negotiate Final Investment Proposals
  • Facilitate Additional Due Diligence
  • Negotiate and Execute Legal Documentation
  • Close the Transaction