Trans-continental M&A

AMWORLD Trans-Continental M&A covers all aspects of a M&A Tranche such as-

  • Strategic Management ,
  • Corporate Finance,
  • Human Resource Capital,
  • Information Technology,
  • Operations ,
  • Legal, Sales & Marketing and
  • Research & Development .

Our Tranche’s cover buying, dividing and combining companies that can assist a organization grow and provide more value to grow rapidly in existing business sector or getting into a new geography/market or even gain new product and services.

We thrive for the main objective of M&A for necessary re-organization with key goal positive shareholder value.


Buy Side Engagement– Trans-Continental M&A team has conducted multiple successful search assignments for clients, covering a variety of industries and market segments. By using the platform acquisition model, AMWORLD assists Investors to build a sizeable portfolio in all major sectors, which often followed by a roll-up, where several small targets in the same field are merged.


Our intermediary services are tailored to your specific needs, a typical “buy-side” engagement involves the appending steps:

  • Acquisition Strategy – We assist our clients with the development of their acquisition plans and strategies. Specific examples may include the development of a “roll-up” or “consolidation” strategy, a diversification strategy, etc.
  • Acquisition Valuation –We assist our clients in developing valuation models and setting expectations in terms of earnings multiples, terms and conditions and other factors that will likely be paid for acquisition candidates.
  • Acquisition Search –We will coordinate the process of targeting possible acquisition candidates including contacting and screening opportunities. This process may be coordinated with our many contacts throughout the world to provide our clients with a comprehensive, international search process. AMWORLD Trans-Continental M&A maintains a full time research team to search and seek for logical targets.
  • Acquisition, Negotiation and Execution –Once we have identified an attractive and viable acquisition opportunity, we assist our clients in negotiating and structuring the acquisition and coordinating the activities of our clients’ legal, accounting and tax advisers.
  • Acquisition Financing –When required, we can assist clients with obtaining financing for their acquisitions.

Post Merger Integration:

The team assist in rearranging the process post Merger or Acquisition agreement , including assets, personnel and business activities of involving parties. In order to acquire a smooth regime , it may take between few months to multiple years after the respective agreement ,depending upon the size of  operations of involving parties.


B.Sell Side Engagement-At AMWORLD Trans-continental M&A we have refined the sale process to include the following steps:

  • Identify Prospective Buyers Worldwide
  • Prepare Powerful Marketing Materials
  • Develop a Personalized Marketing Program
  • Market Intensively
  • Generate Interest and Facility Visits
  • Close the Transaction through a Competitive Process

Whether you are selling a company, a product line or a subsidiary, AMWORLD Trans-continental M&A specializes in finding the suitable buyer.